• Learn About Photonics

    For those who are not studying Photonics, here are a few reasons why you should at least care about its development and study.

  • HIstory Of Photonics

    Learn more about the history of photonics, and it's many uses to today's modern society.

  • Florida Research Locations

    Florida Photonics research locations. See a list of sites that research the science of photonics in the state of Florida.

What is Photonics?

In short, Photonics is the study of all attributes of light. This includes the emission, generation, modulation, amplification, switching, transmission and detection of light. The study of photons or units of light is a more direct translation. Read More...

Research Locations

Find photonics research locations in the state of Florida. Use our exhaustive list of photonics facilities to find a research center near you. Click Here...

Photonics History

Learn about the history of photonics research, and discover the great strides that modern technology has made in the advancement of photonics research. Read More...


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